Project Ruze The UK's first all-Japanese RX7 V8?

Mid-Sump stage 2 – Cleanup

After this post I examined the parts that came off the engine and they were in a pretty bad state. The engine had been left lying around outside for ages and then been steam cleaned (with no manifolds on it…), so it was full of water and oil and all sorts of other junk. It had also had way too much sump sealer / liquid gasket used on it. In fact it was so bad that 2 of the big oil drains on the block were jammed up with sump sealer, and  the liquid gasket from the oil pump had made it into the oil pickup, so the whole lot needed a good clean.

Elbow grease time.

The oil pan was in a bad way. Dented, full of that weird cottage cheese you get when water and oil mix, and quite a bit of surface rust along the edge that would be at the front of the car (you can see this if you click on the first thumbnail). First step was to remove all the old sump sealer which took AGES. After that, degreased, sanded it down, degreased again, and 4 coats of black Hammerite smooth. I bashed the larger of the dents out too.


The upper part of the sump was much the same, except because it wasn’t painted steel it hadn’t rusted. Lots of burnt on oil as well as oil+water crap. Again, once I’d got all the sump sealer off it was a case of degrease and scrub.

I’ve cleaned the windage/baffle plate too, but as it’s black there’s nothing really to show. I’ve had a good go at the oil pickup which is a different kind of metal again but I had to remove the gasket where it meets the oil pump with a gasket scraper, so bits of it have fallen down into the pickup tube. Couple that with the fact that the gauze is full of crap and gunge, and really it needs to go in the parts washer. But here it is so far anyway.



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