Project Ruze The UK's first all-Japanese RX7 V8?

American 1JZ-GTE powered RX7

This is the car that started the gears whirring in my head – as featured on the front of Japanese Performance Oct ’09 issue. Not only did this guy Drew make an awesome machine, he now sells kits comprising of custom propshafts, front subframes etc which I hope to use via a company called Tech2 Motorsports.

This car uses the Toyota 1JZ-GTE 2.5 VVTi straight six turbo engine from the later Soarer. He hasn’t made too much technical information available about the swap as his company performs this work (custom wiring looms, conversion kits) for customers and he would be shooting himself in the foot somewhat to just give the info away. Have some cracking pictures instead:

See for more info


I'm the one actually trying to build this thing!