Project Ruze The UK's first all-Japanese RX7 V8?

Mid-Sump stage 1.5 – LS400 Engine

Most of the parts here are going in the bin but I thought it best to include photos etc of all the parts that came OFF the LS400 engine as well so you can compare!

Engine tipped up for easy access:

Forgot to take the oil filter off before tipping it over so that made a mess… 🙁

Oil pan off, you can see the oil pickup is a very different design to the Soarer one – smaller and with a filtered intake. I think this is to prevent foaming of the oil.

Close up:

Windage plate off:

Sump off, suddenly looks just like the Soarer engine! In fact if anything the Soarer engine is cleaner and has less burnt oil in it, despite being 10 years older than this one.

That’s all the photos I took of this – like I said it’s a bit inconsequential as I won’t be using most of the parts here, the photos are just included for completeness.


I'm the one actually trying to build this thing!