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Transmission Wiring

Friday, 2 August, 2013

It’s like Mazda knew I was going to do this. All the wiring for the transmission is held in one plug (referred to in the Mazda docs as connector X-11) which is behind the heater matrix. It looks like this:       This plug has +ve and -ve for the speedo signal to the […]

Propshaft & Differential

Friday, 2 August, 2013

There’s a fundamental problem with mixing gearboxes and differentials from different manufacturers in a car. Some manufacturers use high gear ratios and a low final drive, and other manufacturers use low gear ratios and high final drives. If you mix the two, you can end up with both low ratio gearbox and diff (bugger all […]


Tuesday, 30 July, 2013

The gearbox I’ve chosen to use is a late-spec R154 with a remote shifter from a JZX90 Chaser. Tech2 tell you to get a gearbox from a MK3 JZA70 Supra, but any gearbox from one of those is going to be 20+ years old, and they are a slightly weaker design than the later box. […]

Oil Filter Relocation

Wednesday, 11 July, 2012

On the stock engine the oil filter is on a castĀ arm about 12mm long, straight off the oil pump. That’s no good for me as it will protrude into where the steering rack is on the RX7, once you take into account the length of the oil filter as well. I found a place in […]

Engine Dress / Cleanup Stage 1 – Paint

Wednesday, 11 July, 2012

There’s no point in having a nice engine to show off and it being all mucky. To this end I’ve a few things planned – a wire tuck for the head should be fairly easy, for example. I’m also painting the stuff on the top of the engine, to stop it just getting covered in […]

Mid-Sump stage 1.5 – LS400 Engine

Saturday, 17 March, 2012

Most of the parts here are going in the bin but I thought it best to include photos etc of all the parts that came OFF the LS400 engine as well so you can compare! Engine tipped up for easy access: Forgot to take the oil filter off before tipping it over so that made […]

Engine Mounting Kit

Saturday, 17 March, 2012

I’ve finally taken delivery of the Tech2 Motorsports engine mounting kit. This is a kit from the US which is designed to fit a JZ engine from a MK4 Supra into an FD3 RX7. I’m expecting to have to muck about with the engine mount locations, but seeing as the JZ and UZ engines are […]

Mid Sump stage 3 – Fitment

Saturday, 17 March, 2012

As you can see, (unsurprisingly) the Soarer sump just fits straight on. However, it’s not quite that straightforward. In order to make the Soarer sump fit to the LS400 block it needed a few changes making. Some of the mounting holes in the LS400 block are larger than in the Soarer one, so the corresponding […]

Mid-Sump stage 2 – Cleanup

Friday, 13 January, 2012

After this post I examined the parts that came off the engine and they were in a pretty bad state. The engine had been left lying around outside for ages and then been steam cleaned (with no manifolds on it…), so it was full of water and oil and all sorts of other junk. It […]

Mid-Sump stage 1 – Soarer V8 Engine

Tuesday, 13 December, 2011

I bought an older 1UZ engine from Smiffie at the Soarer Sanctury, which I need for the sump. As per this postĀ the VVTi engine has the sump in the wrong place for the RX7 engine’s bay and it can be moved by bolting the underside of the Soarer engine onto the rest of the LS400 […]